Nutra – Freight International Ltd is one of North America’s leading provider of premium truckload and multimodal transportation and logistics solutions.

Nutra Freight International Ltd is a source of competitive advantage geared for long term success. It is a comprehensive portfolio of door-to-door services, made to fit your specific needs to produce dependable, seamless results. As the leading source Nutra Freight International Ltd is more than a logistics services provider, we are your partner, as committed as you are to understanding and meeting all requirements of your move in the most time, and cost effective manner. We back up our offer of commitment with a full range of transportation logistics, documentation, and information services provided by a global network of affiliates, and dedicated partners.

Commitment to quality

Choosing Nutra Freight International Ltd as your partner means we are there, working on-site as an internal component in your organization. We will organize all resources needed to complete the move, with an unwavering focus on providing the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost. Our leadership addresses the entire process from its conception, with proposal development and diagnostics to clearly identify key problems and their scope; to completion, with identification of various options, evaluation, and implementation of the best program for you, and measurement of performance against the plan and goals. At Nutra Freight International Ltd, door-to-door responsibility means seeing your needs through to the end, and our proactive approach helps avoid missed deadlines, poor scheduling and coordination, conflicting priorities, and inadequate budgeting.

Capability to encourage confidence

Nutra Freight International Ltd on-site services cover transportation from point of origin to final destination, sourcing, custom packing, consolidation, distribution, documentation, custom brokerage marine insurance. Our experienced professionals realize that even the most carefully thought-out plans are expose to variable conditions such as extreme weather or changing political climates which can affect production or the movement of goods; therefore, it’s our standard practice to have contingency plans in place. Choosing a logistics partner with the versatility to adapt and implement quick-response decisions as circumstances require, can mean difference between success and failure in any given movement.

Communication is the clue

Nutra Freight International Ltd computerized network is another feature that distinguish the company. An international communication link that provides locations of your goods instantly, anywhere in the world.

Teamwork is the difference

As our systems and capabilities have grown, we have elevated the idea of cooperation to something we call strategic coalition. It is unified working force operating behind a spirit of commitment, not compliance, to helping your company exceed its goals. As your ally, we work with you, encouraging changes within your organization to optimize internal resources and highlight synergies to help eliminate unnecessary costs. Teamwork has been the foundation of our extraordinary growth as a Company. We know how to make it work for you.

Experience to develop the know-how

Our management team consist of professionals whose backgrounds account for more than 18 years of experience on the international movement of goods.


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